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Young Living: The Right Business and the Right Time

Self Care With Essential Oils ~ Wednesday Wisdom 5.6.2020

Network Marketing 101 ~ Why Young Living is the right company at the right time

Wednesday Wisdom ~ Aroma Freedom

Join Teri Secrest and Benjamin Perkus for this eye opening Wednesday Wisdom. Discover how to use essential oils to uproot emotional blocks between you and your dreams, goals, and aspirations. "In this uncertain time, it is important to take time every day to make sure our ship is pointed in the right direction - towards growth, expansion, and possibility, and away from fear, doubt, confusion and paralysis." ~ Benjamin Perkus

The Aroma Freedom Technique

The Aroma Freedom Technique, founded by clinical psychologist Dr. Benjamin Perkus, is a simple process that uses Young Living Essential Oils to anchor permanent shifts in thoughts, feelings, and attitudes. Get all of the materials at

Support Your Immune System With These Supplements 2020

Hello Everyone! 

There are so many causes of immune system stress in our world today. These can be environmental (viruses, seasons, chemicals) , emotional (stress, relationships, changes), work related (long hours, not enjoying your job, high quotas to meet) and situational (divorce, parent illness, traveling). Discover some simple supplements that can help you stay healthy and support your immune system!

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