Wednesday Wisdom! Recordings.

This page will house the Wednesday Wisdom! recordings. Save this link! You will never need another one. As soon as we have a new recording, it will be posted. You can visit and get caught up on any call you may have missed.

Wednesday Wisdom ~ Fun in the Sun

Travel Checklist ~ Fun in the Sun

Summer Social DIY

Summer Social Recipes! (Non Alcoholic)

Summer Social Recipes! (Contains Alcoholic Drinks)

Pregnancy & Oils

Pregnancy and Oils Handouts

Wednesday Wisdom Grow your Business on Instagram, Part 1

Grow your Business on Instagram, Part 2 of 3

Wednesday Wisdom ~ New Products + Dream 1000

Dream 1000 Slide 1

Dream 1000 Slide 2

Dream 1000 Slide 3

Wednesday Wisdom ~ Supplements 101

Wednesday Wisdom ~ Your Young Living Business 2.0

Wednesday Wisdom ~ Essential Oils and Emotions

Wednesday Wisdom ~ Vital Questions to Ask Before Buying an Essential Oil or Joining a Company

Wednesday Wisdom ~ Chemical Free Home Like You've Never Seen It Before

It's The Secret to YOUR SUCCESS

Questions Every Young Living Business Builder Should Ask

Wednesday Wisdom ~ Rich Praytor: High Impact YouTube Videos

Overcoming Objections ~ Paul Morris

Young Living 2018 Convention Recap ~ Wisdom from Diamonds

Learn from new Diamonds Laura Peiffer and Pamela Hunter as they share the wisdom they learned on their road to becoming a Young Living diamond!

Young Living 2018 Convention Recap ~ New Product Reveal

Learn all about the new Young Living products launched at the 2018 convention!

Young Living 2018 Convention Part 1 & 2 Recap Slides

Use these slides to teach your own classes all about the newest products launched at the 2018 Young Living convention. 

Wednesday Wisdom ~ Skin Care With Flair

Wednesday Wisdom ~ The Fortune is in the Follow Up!

Body Systems Quiz

Where to Find the Flurish Book

90 Days of IPS's Download

Wednesday Wisdom ~Healthy Weight Management with Slique!

Night With Diamonds

Watch Royal Crown Diamond, Teri Secrest, and Diamond Laura Peiffer's message about how you can propel your Young Living business to a new height! How bad do you want it? What are you willing to sacrifice to reach your dream?! Don’t miss this training!

Igniting the Entrepreneur in You Part 3

Become a Leader of Influence 

Igniting the Entrepreneur in You Part 2

Develop Your Business Strategy

Igniting the Entrepreneur In You: Part I

Preparing Your Mindset for Abundance!

Wednesday Wisdom ~ Build Your Young Living Business With Instagram

Gift Giving the Young Living Way 2017

A Biblical Perspective on Essential Oils ~ Teri Secrest

Savvy Minerals ~ JR Roessl

Elizabeth & Beverly Chemical Free Home

Carol Schirr ~ How Gain Rapport, Close the Sale, and Have Customers Begging to Enroll

Young Living Supplements by Jan Weger

Young Living Supplements for Health with Longevity

Pamela Heyen ~ Growing Your Business with Marketing Scents

The Power of Your Words ~ Paul Morris

Creating $5 Facebook Ads

Facebook Ad Template

Pamela Hunter ~ Turning the Premium Starter kit into a Personal Care Kit

Teri Secrest

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Marketing Scents
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